Being a Better Human

Recently, someone asked me how they could become a good Buddhist and this got me thinking. I believe our goal shouldn’t be how to become the best Buddhist, but the best whomever we already are. We were born humans and at our very core we are all the same, so it seems more encompassing, and less discriminatory, to be the best possible human we can. (more…)

Mindful Communication

Now, I am not one of those people who think things were better in the past. Of course, some things were and other things weren’t. However, where social media is concerned, I feel troubled about the way it is making us communicate these days. (more…)

Reflect on your values

I was born into a Christian family and so was taught the ten commandments from a very early age. I never liked being told ‘Thou shalt not do this’ and ‘Thou shalt not do that,’ it all seemed so final and restrictive. (more…)

Appropriate Speech

Speech is a very powerful tool. If we hit someone, it will hurt for a short time and then go away. But if we verbally attack someone, those words can stay with them for many years. (more…)