Guided Meditations

Illusions Meditation 10: Mindfulness of  Breath

Facing your Troubles

Present Moment Meditation

Come to go

Mental Vacation with Music

Mental Vacation

Tonglen Compassion Meditation

Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra

Sakyamuni Buddha Mantra

Heart Mantra of Medicine Buddha

Karma Avoiding Mantra

Breathing Awareness with Anchor Words

Positive Breathing Awareness

Letting go of your Anxiety

Experiencing Gratitude

Experience Stillness

Befriending Yourself

Fostering a Compassionate Mind

Breathing Awareness

Relaxing your Mind

Mindful Body Scan

Cultivating Compassion in your Mind

Guided Meditations

With a meditation practice we are able to tame the mind, release tension, build compassion, patience, generosity and so on, analysis teachings or simply just stay present in the moment. I have recorded several guided meditations to help you with your meditation practice, and you can either listen to them below or download them for future use. I have also included a downloadable PDF chapter from my book Life’s Meandering Path. This chapter will help you set up a meditation practice and show some hindrances you may encounter along the way. If you have any questions about your meditation practice, please contact me.