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Episode 12 Transcript: Being Human

Episode 12, 31 January 2015, Being Human. [04:43]


Intro: Welcome to Buddhism Guide’s Audio blog.

Episode 12: Being Human. [00:40]

1. “A Brotherhood of Man”.

  • In the words of John Lennon:
    • “Imagine no possessions,
      I wonder if you can,
      No need for greed or hunger;
      A brotherhood of man.
      Imagine all the people sharing all the world;
      You may say I’m a dreamer,
      But I’m not the only one.
      I hope some day you will join us, and the world will live as one.”
  • A Brotherhood of Man seems such a dream at the moment, and as for sharing the world – forget it.
    • We are so far removed from the world where we can live as one.
  • In fact, we have very little tolerance for the views of others and seem hell-bent on pursuing our own selfish ideology.
    • We identify with religions, political parties, football teams, countries and so on.
    • But we never identify with the one thing that binds us together: Being Humans.
  • At the core of all religions is compassion for our fellow man, but this has been lost among so much dogma.
  • In the 21st Century, religions are still being run by men, not just any men, but rich and powerful men.
    • Men who are afraid of change.
    • In Christianity, you are told to love thy neighbor, but not if he’s gay.
    • Muslims are being told to love only other Muslims.
    • And now Buddhists are starting to follow suit.
      • In Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand, Buddhists have grown intolerant of Muslims and are burning their houses and even killing them.
      • This is from a religion based on non-violence.
  • However, the religions are not to blame, it is the fanatical people using the religions for their own personal ideology that are causing all the problems.
  • These fanatics are within all religions and they are slowly turning the world into a dangerous place.
    • These people are filled only with hatred and ignorance; where will it all end?
    • Nobody knows the answer to this, but sooner or later people have to stand up and say – enough is enough.
    • We cannot survive in a world driven by killing, fear and discrimination.
    • By sitting on the fence and becoming immune to the violence around us, we moderate people are going to become part of the problem.
    • The moderate people within the various religions, and these are thankfully the majority, have to speak out sooner rather than later.
  • Tolerance is the only answer.
  • I envisage a world where we all have tolerance for others, a world where we accept difference, and not fear it.
  • You may say I’m a dreamer, but I hope and pray I’m not the only one.

Outro. [04:13]

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  • Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoyed Buddhism Guide’s audio blog.
  • Until next time, remember, the only person we can ever truly know, is ourselves!




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