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Episode 1 Transcript: Gautama Buddha’s First Truth

Episode 1, 1 December 2014, Gautama Buddha’s First Truth. [06:17]


Intro: Welcome to Buddhism Guide’s Audio blog.

This Episode: Gautama Buddha’s First teaching. [00:17]

  • Gautama Buddha’s First teaching, the first of the Four Noble Truths, is that there is suffering.
  • Suffering is inescapable and manifests in three forms: the suffering of pain, the suffering of happiness and, the all pervasive suffering.
  • Through fully understanding this first teaching, and appreciating the true nature of our relationship with the world, we see how suffering is unavoidable and necessarily manifests in our lives.
  • Only then are we are able to seek a solution; firstly, through identification of its causes, the teaching of the Second Noble Truth.

The First Noble Truth: There is suffering. [00:47]

  • The definition of suffering;
  • A dissatisfaction, discontentment, an uneasy feeling running through our lives.
  • Gautama Buddha stated that there are three types of suffering:
    1. The Suffering of Pain – our daily, physical and mental suffering;
    2. The Suffering of Happiness – the lurking, just around the corner suffering of the the sadness that comes from loss – the change of happiness;
    3. The All-Pervasive Suffering – a condition that exists because of how we perceive ourselves in relation to the world.
  • You could say that our entire worldly experience is a definition of suffering that we can’t even see.

How do we see ourselves in the world? [03:50]

  • Separate: I’m here, and the world is outside of me. In other words as subject and object. We see ourselves as the solid, independent self.
  • This is not true, we are actually the coming together of 5 things.

The Five Aggregates. [04:20]

  • So the way we look at things: subject and object, me and everything else, is in some way, the cause of our suffering and that will come back to us in the future.
  • Like eating a wonderful meal but not knowing it has been poisoned.

So why did Buddha want us to know that we have suffering in our lives? [04:56]

  • To help us understand we have a problem. If we don’t know we have a problem we will not look for a solution;
  • If we know we are suffering we will look for the causes of the suffering and a cure;
  • If we fully understand this First Truth we can move onto the the next Noble Truth – The Causes of Suffering.

Outro. [08:04]

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  • Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post.




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