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Audio Blog Transcripts

Welcome to my Audio Blog Transcripts.

This has been specially set up for people who wish to refer to the contents of the audio blogs in written form. If you are looking for some content from the podcasts or audio blogs but cannot remember which episode it was in then these pages should assist you.

If you know of someone who may be interested in listening to, or reading the blog, please share this page.

If you have any comments on the page or on any of the transcripts, feel free to contact me – I would love to hear from you.

There are many great podcasts on Buddhism as a religion and even more on Buddhism as a philosophy. This podcast is about Buddhism as a way of life, which means there is no Buddhist jargon or dogma. It is not based in the metaphysical world, but has its feet planted firmly on this planet. It is easy to understand and practical. I use the Buddha’s early teachings as the foundation for the podcast, and explain them in a way that is relevant to your life today.


Episode Transcripts:

  1. Gautama Buddha’s First Truth
  2. How We Experience The World
  3. Gautama Buddha’s Second Truth
  4. Everything Must Change
  5. Gautama Buddha’s Third Truth
  6. Gautama Buddha’s Fourth Truth
  7. The Spark That Fires Us Into Action
  8. The Power Of Speech
  9. Right Action
  10. Right Livelihood
  11. Mindfulness – The Bottom Line
  12. Being Human
  13. Something to Meditate on
  14. Indulging in Superstitions


A brief note about the transcripts:

The audio blogs have been transcribed as carefully as possible, while striving to present them in a format that acts as both transcript and summary..

In this way, for each episode, these texts act as:

  • Table of Contents,
  • Index of Main Concepts and Themes
  • Quick reference to approximate section time code, and
  • a “point by point” summary of the content.

The typographic convention adopted is based on simple, hierarchical, indented bullet and numbered lists.

Concepts that are key to the main teachings and formal concepts of Buddhism are formatted in Italics, and, where a term or concept is related to content directly addressed within the current episode in Bold and Bold Italics.

For example, in the section from Episode 6 below, we are introduced to the Eightfold Path and it’s three aspects, however, only the first of the aspects are addressed in this episode and therefore the concepts of Right View and Right Intention are Bold Italic, while those of the second, Living Responsibly are in italic only and so on.

Please note also that the summary, or table of contents provided in the description text on SoundCloud is a condensed version of the full transcripts here.


This Episode: Gautama Buddha’s Fourth Truth. [00:17]

1. What is your view? [00:22]

  • In the fourth of Gautama Buddha’s truths, he explains the path we need to take to free ourselves from suffering.
  • It is known as the Eightfold Path, and it comprises of three aspects:
    1. Seeing Clearly, is the first part and it includes:
      1. Right View, and
      2. Right Intention.
    2. The second aspect is Living Responsibly, and this includes:
      1. Right Speech,
      2. Right Action, and
      3. Right Livelihood.
    3. The third and final aspect is Staying Focused, and this includes:
      1. Right Effort,
      2. Right Mindfulness, and
      3. Right Concentration.
  • Over the next few postings I will cover all of the Eightfold Path, but for today let’s talk about Right View.

2. Right View. [01:19]






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